Artist Statement

            Using ornamental templates designed to produce a seamless chain of repeated pattern such as wallpaper or fabric, I investigate how that pattern might break the template, unraveling itself to transform and evolve into new possibilities. My practice looks at how repetitive patterns actually repeat, using a template that has gone wild.

            I am fascinated by nature and how it propagates. Plant life like ivy, has a repetitive growth pattern yet it breaks the cycle of exact replication as it spreads and grows exponentially. My practice is influenced by the British tradition of referencing nature and by the work of William Morris, Richard Wright and M.C. Escher.

            I am also concerned with semiotics, associations and Umberto Eco’s research on this subject. The motifs used in my practice are signs and symbols of the natural world. Historical and contemporary references to nature and ornamentation impact the meaning of the work and produce an array of diverse interpretations.

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